Corporate Partnerships Policy

Breast Cancer UK’s priority is to carry out its missions to improve breast cancer prevention, by reducing public exposure to the harmful chemicals linked to the disease.   In order to do this, Breast Cancer UK must maintain its independence and organisational integrity and will therefore not knowingly enter into a corporate partnership or accept donations on the proceeds of any sale or business where the activities or products sold by that business contain or use chemicals which we know or suspect of being linked to breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer UK will not accept donations or gifts in kind from any corporation that is:

  • In direct conflict with our own programmes of work on reducing public exposure to the harmful chemicals associated with breast cancer ;
  • from companies involved in unethical trading i.e. environmental degradation, arms/weapons production/proliferation, animal testing, tobacco production, oppressive regimes etc.
  • accept money for campaigns from companies we may be trying to influence with a campaign, e.g., cosmetics and toiletries companies, pharmaceutical companies, companies involved in creating waste;
  • In addition, Breast Cancer UK will not enter into a partnership which might closely associate or align Breast Cancer UK to a particular company or brand; and
  • Breast Cancer UK will not endorse any product or company in return for donations.

Breast Cancer UK reserves the right to refuse any contribution.

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