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Frequently asked questions

What type of jump would you recommend?

There are three different jump types on offer:

Static line
Accelerated freefall

Our most popular skydive is a tandem jump. This is the perfect experience for your first time jump as you are attached to an instructor who does the majority of the work for you. This leaves you free to enjoy the view!
Both our static line and accelerated freefall jumps require a full day of training which you must pass before being able to complete these jumps.

What date can I book for?

The majority of airfields operate on weekend but there are some that open on weekdays too. We usually recommend you book a couple of months in advance to ensure you get the date you want (especially in the warmer months).

What time of the year can I book for?

Our airfields are open all year round.

What if I have a disability – can I still jump?

Our airfields will look at each case individually so please email us at and we can check for you. With any medical condition- you will also need to have the medical form signed by a doctor.

What are the weight restrictions? Highest and lowest?

The weight limits for men and women can vary dramatically between our airfields – you can click here to see the limits at each airfield. Just click on your selected airfield to see the details.
Some airfields have a very strict height to weight ratio – if you are unsure please email us at and we can let you know their limits with regards to your height. When you book on and provide your height and weight please ensure it’s within the weight limit of your airfield.

I’ve booked on - now what?

Once you have booked your jump and paid the deposit, you will need to wait up to 5 working days for us to send a confirmation email. This email will have everything you need to know for the jump. If you don’t hear from us after 5 business days, it’s best to contact the office to make sure there’s not an issue with your booking.

After I’ve booked on, can I change the airfield I want to jump at?

You can change to your preferred airfield provided that you give your original airfield at least 4 weeks notice of the cancellation with them and you haven’t paid the original airfield any jump costs. Also keep in mind when changing that every airfield has a different jump cost.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

If you have to cancel your jump, please contact our office on 0207 424 5522 – remember, your deposit is non-refundable, and you have until four weeks before your jump within which we can reschedule you for free. If you cancel or reschedule within four weeks of your jump, you are required to pay a £50 cancellation fee, and if this is within 48 hours of your jump date, this fee rises to £100.

When should I start fundraising?

You can start fundraising straight away however most people book on and once the date is confirmed will start fundraising. Once we received your booking we can even set up your own online page to get you started.

What if the weather isn’t looking good?

The one aspect of your day that is out of our control is definitely the weather – if the forecast is looking bad in the days leading up to your jump, you may be contacted by the airfield to reschedule, and you are free to contact the airfield yourself to ask about whether the jump will be going ahead. However, if you have not heard anything to the contrary, you must still turn up to your jump.

Can I have supporters come with me on the day? 
What time should they arrive?

Of course you can bring along supporters! We would recommend that they arrive about an hour after your arrival time – this would give you time to have your training and get kitted up.

What time do I need to be at the airfield for?

Your arrival time at the airfield would be sent to you in your confirmation email – but it would usually be between 8am and 9am. Please note that we cannot provide a jump time as it is weather dependent.

Can I use a GoPro?

The airfields do not allow you to use your own recording equipment for the jump – however you can purchase filming from the airfield on the day. The cost of this can be found here
If you would like to have your jump filmed there is no need to book that in advance you can book and pay for that upon your arrival to the airfield on the day.

Are dogs allowed at the airfield?

The airfields vary on their restrictions for dogs – most will allow dogs however the following airfields do not: Lancaster, Swindon, Maidstone, Honiton, Nottingham and Coleraine.

How long does the process take to complete the jump?

We will give you an arrival time once you are confirmed with the airfield – this is when you will check in and receive your training for the jump. The jump time would depend on the weather and how many other people are booked in that day. There is a small chance you could wait all day until you jump. The airfields do operate a first come first served basis though – so the earlier you arrive the earlier you will jump!

What do I wear?

The airfield will provide you with a jumpsuit on the day. You just need to wear comfortable clothing underneath and suitable tie up shoes (trainers or something similar would be ideal).

Can I wear glasses or contact lenses?

You can wear both of these. The airfields will have a range of goggles made to fit over glasses.

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