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Payment plan Option A or B

Option A - Minimum Sponsorship

This option means the challenge balance of your event cost is met through raising a minimum sponsorship for a charity of your choice. Most people sign up a year in advance when selecting this option, giving you time to prepare and organise your fundraising. This is not gospel though - some sign up sooner, some later - it really depends on how quickly you think you can fundraise the required amount.

Step 1 – To join the challenge you pay the non-refundable registration fee directly to us and commit to raising the minimum sponsorship shown on the challenge page.

Step 2 – Start fundraising and send your sponsorship money to your chosen charity as you raise it. Your charity will most likely keep a log of monies you are sending in.

Step 3 – 80% of your minimum sponsorship must be received by your charity no later than 10 weeks before departure. If you have raised the required amount, your charity would then be in a position to pay the challenge balance, which is never more than 50% of the minimum sponsorship figure.

Step 4 – The remaining 20% of your minimum sponsorship should be sent to your charity no later than 4 weeks following your return after the challenge. Some charities may request you send this 20% to them before the challenge takes place – your charity will guide you further on this.


Option B - Self Funding

This option enables you to fund the entire challenge yourself, which means you do not have to commit to raising a set sponsorship. Although no fundraising is required, we do strongly encourage you to support a charity of your choice and raise as much as you possibly can.

Step 1 – You pay the non-refundable registration fee to us, in order to join the challenge.

Step 2 – 10 weeks before departure, you will receive an invoice to pay the challenge balance as shown on the respective challenge page.

Step 3 – The challenge balance invoice is to be paid no later than 8 weeks before departure.

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