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Cake for all occassions

We all have special occasions - birthday's, anniversaries even weddings - and whilst presents are great, you may think about donating your special occasion to support Breast Cancer UK.  Instead of getting gifts for your birthday, ask your friends, family and coworkers to donate to Breast Cancer UK instead. 

We nearly all celebrate an occasion with a cake.  Why not raffle off your cake, or ask for donations for a slice of your birthday cake.  Most people will be more than happy to put a few pennies in a collection pot for your special day.

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INSPIRE OTHERS  Because everyone who gives to your effort also has a birthday or other special occasion, when you launch an occasion fundraiser you just might inspire your friends and family to launch their own birthday fundraisers, creating a chain reaction of people using their birthdays for good. And think, it will all be because you chose to fundraise for your birthday. Amazing. 

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