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Corporate Giving

Corporate giving is a tax effective way of making a donation to charity as the donation can be offset against your profits for tax purposes.   A corporate donation will help us to continue our vital work to help to prevent breast cancer before it starts.

And it doesn't have to be just financial - donating gifts in kind is great way of showing your support for a charity with similar ethical and environmental objectives.

Breast Cancer UK is a small charity, with limited resources and therefore donating ‘gifts in kind’ such as equipment, skills, expertise (e.g. legal, financial or PR expertise) technology or fundraising prizes are all hugely appreciated and are a great way of helping us to continue to do our important work. 

Breast Cancer UK will accept donations from companies whose behaviour and activities are not in conflict with our own ethical policy or charitable objectives and retain the right to refuse any donation from any company that we feel is in direct contravention with our mission and cause.

For further information please read our Corporate Partnerships Policy.

For speak to us about corporate giving or gifts in kind please email us or call 0845 680 1322.

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