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Donations from cause related marketing

We know that many environmentally aware and ethical companies share our concern about the potential harm caused by daily exposure to toxic chemicals and many businesses choose to make a difference by selling products or taking part in activities that try and mitigate or reduce this exposure. 

We also know that many ethical consumers are even more likely to buy something if they know that a percentage of the profits are going towards a charity like Breast Cancer UK. 

Therefore cause related marketing – i.e. promising to donate a percentage of sales to us can be a good way to engage new customers, spread shared messages, deliver your corporate social responsibilities and help to prevent breast cancer.

Breast Cancer UK will not accept donations on the proceeds of any sale or business where the activities or products sold by that business contain or use chemicals which we know or suspect of being linked to breast cancer.  For more information read our Corporate Partnerships Policy.

For more information or to discuss cause related marketing please email us or call 0845 680 1322.

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