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Donations in kind

There are many non-financial ways in which corporate partners can support Breast Cancer UK.   By offering support in kind or pro bono services, corporate partners can help to ensure that the money we raise goes directly towards our charitable objectives. From legal advice or computer hardware through to t-shirts and giveaways, we have created a wish list of items or services that businesses can donate. If you think your business might be able to support us then please contact us.

Services/Professional Advice e.g: Legal help and advice; human resources; insurance or financial advice; or, marketing/communications.

Print & production e.g: One off print runs; posters; banners/display materials; research reports; or annual reports.

Communications e.g: Audio visual equipment; film and video production/edits; image/photographic licenses.

Office Equipment e.g: printer/scanners; laptops;  computer equipment; computer software; stationery.

Exhibition Materials e.g: Exhibition space; pop up banner/s; leaflet display stand/s; donations for prize draws.

Fundraising materials or merchandise e.g: T-Shirts; giveaways - pencils etc.

Venues/Events e.g:  Venues for seminars, conference or fundraising event

For more ideas or to discuss any ideas you have please contact our us.

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