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Do you work in an office?  Brighten up a dreary Monday in winter and get everyone to dress in orange, who could fail to have a cheery Monday after that?! Challenge your team to be the best dressed!

Are you a fitness fan? Get fellow gym goers and golf partners to dress up in orange and bathe not only in the glow of all that orange, but the warmth of knowing you're doing something positive to help prevent breast cancer.

Do you teach in a school?  Kids love to dress up and it won’t disrupt the school day.  Make sure you request a fundraising pack which includes stickers and a certificate template.

Do you just fancy doing something fun with friends and family? Hold an orange dinner party or make a regular family get together more colourful by making everyone wear orange!

Reasons to Wear It Orange

  • It’s fun and easy to organise - simply ask everyone to wear something orange and make a donation.
  • It’s great publicity for your business, school or club - send pictures of your day to your local paper, they love a good news story!
  • 1 in 8 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 1 in 5 will be under 50.
  • Breast Cancer UK is the only UK charity which focuses on the environmental and chemical causes of breast cancer.
  • Helping to raise awareness of the risk factors and causes of breast cancer will help save lives.

What do I need to do?

Holding a Wear It Orange day is simple and easy to organise, especially if you register for your free fundraising pack.  We'll send you everything you need for your special day!

Register here

All funds raised will go towards research, education and campaigning to help us in our mission to eliminate the environmental and chemical causes of breast cancer.

WEAR IT ORANGE – Together we can help PREVENT breast cancer.


Page last updated: 07 June 2017

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