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BLOG: Event Report - It’s Your Life Expo

Published 26 Nov 2015

Amanda Smith, our Fundraising Manager, attended the It’s Your Life Expo in Reading last weekend, here she fills us in on the people and vibe at the event.

What an absolutely pleasure to be in a room full of people who totally “get” your message and are excited about all that Breast Cancer UK is doing.  This was the delightful way I spent my Sunday in Rivermead Leisure Centre at the It’s Your Life Expo which was all about natural health and living. 

Unsure of what to expect, myself and one of our trustees, Kevin, set up our stand bright and early, and proudly displayed all our literature.  We then started chatting to a few people who were setting up stands around us.  

To our left was Suzanne from The Green Woman, who with her sister have developed a 100% organic unscented cream deodorant which contains no parabens, BPAs or Aluminium Salts. 

To our right was Vanessa from Mangle & Wringer, who produces traditional, non-toxic cleaning remedies - safe, yet powerful enough to be really effective.  

Looking around at all the wonderful non-toxic and environmentally friendly products being displayed on the stands, I immediately found myself wondering how much money I had in my purse! 

I started walking around, chatting to others, and listening to their stories of how they came to be doing what they are doing and why they have started their business.  Quite a few people developed products out of desperation to help their children who had allergies/food intolerances, others were passionate about the state of the planet and others who had a “wake up call” that things needed to change as the way they lived was destroying their bodies.

What struck me the most is how passionate these people are about taking things back to nature and cutting out all the toxic chemicals that are absolutely everywhere nowadays.  It was so encouraging to see how well received our literature was, with several people asking if they could take some and distribute it for us. 

It was heartening to also hear people comment how they have been looking for a cancer charity which looks at these chemical and environmental causes of the disease, and were very eager to support us.

After 7 hours of constant chattering, it was time to pack up and return home – and whilst it felt sad to be leaving a room full of people with the same ideals and objectives, I comforted myself with my nice bag of goodies that I was desperate to get home and try out.  Thank goodness they accepted card payments!!

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