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GUEST BLOG: Q&A with Lindsey Robinson

Published 19 Sep 2018

Inspiring woman to get active is an important role for us here at Breast Cancer UK because we know the important role it plays in helping to reduce your risk of breast cancer.  

We asked Lindsey Robinson, one of the UK’s top female referees and a sporting role model to share her top tips to making fitness a daily habit for a happier healthier life.

How long have you been a referee, and what influenced you to become a referee?

I can't quite beleive it but its nearly 10 years ago that I turned up to a Basic Referee Course at Durham FA just looking to improve my knowledge of the sport and support my job role at the time - and look where that's taken me!

Yes because iearlier this year you refereed the Women's FA Cup Final, how exciting was that?

As I am looking back now, at the time I was very honoured and grateful for the opportunity given to myself and the team I had on the day. The day itself was a great spectacle to showcase women’s football and how far the game has developed through the years, knowing that this is still building in the number of spectators and the quality of players that are wanting to be involved.  It's great to be part of it all.

Staying fit is an important part of your job, but how fit does a referee really need to be?  

A Referee has to be flexible and able to cope with the different demands of the game. The players are obviously very competitive and gaining more knowledge on improving the fitness aspect to the game; in turn we ourselves need to be just as physically and mentally fit to meet the demands. As well as constantly training to obtain and maintain our levels, we also have to pass specific fitness tests otherwise we don't get sanctioned to operate.

Why do you think it’s important to exercise regularly? 

There's a huge amount of research emerging regarding the benefits to exercising regularly, such as, preventing long-term illnesses like breast cancer, as well as the physical rewards of losing weight, there is the mental aspect too - including improving your self-confidence, and most importantly, the challenge and sense of achievement you feel from improving at whatever activity you are doing.

What are your top tips for making fitness a habit?

First of all keep things simple, use what’s accessible to you, as the more complex it is the more likely you are to create a barrier to it. Use a buddy and fitness friends who have similar goals and desires to help you through those cold and tough times. Don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing and to keep things in moderation. Remember, doing something is definitely better than doing nothing.

Whether you are just going out for a short run, heading out to the gym or attending some local classes, keeping to a good routine is the key.  Setting yourself some realistic goals will help you to keep positive so that it's doesn't become a chore - this will definately help you stick to it..  You'll soon start to feel a real sense of achivement each time you do a session!

Participating in sport and physical activity has so many positives.  I've been so lucky, being a Referee the experiences and opportunities that I have achieved have been fantastic; I can honestly say that with the right mind-set and desire this can be achieved by many more.


If you would like to take up Refereeing and would like some further information please contact your local Referee Development officer to find out about your nearest New Referee Courses - check out their website here

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