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MEPs to support ban on DEHP

Published 11 Nov 2015

Breast Cancer UK has welcomed the news that the European Parliament’s Environment Committee has voted in favour of an objection to continue the use of the phthalate, DEHP in recycled materials such as PVC.    If the application for authorisation is approved by the  European Commission, it would mean much wider public exposure to this endocrine disrupting chemical. 

Earlier this month, Breast Cancer UK wrote to UK MEPs asking them to support a motion tabled by MEP, Pavel Poc which lists a range of objections and concerns related to the proposed approval of the chemical.  DEHP is recognised as an environmental endocrine disruptor and several studies have demonstrated effects on sperm quality, genital tract problems[1], endometriosis[2] and cancers, including breast cancer[3].

The motion will also be debated and voted on in a plenary session of the full European Parliament later in November, but the final decision lies with the European Commission, who unfortunately are not bound by any decision of the European Parliament. 

Breast Cancer UK will continue to lobby the European Commission to oppose the application for authorisation of DEHP in recycled materials as such a move seriously undermines the decision to phase out the chemical under European chemicals regulation. 

Breast Cancer UK’s letter to UK MEPs can be found here. 



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