Prevention is Better Than Cure

Write to your local Member of Parliament today and ask them to pledge their support to prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer incidence rates continue to rise - now nearly 50,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every year. Tougher political action is needed to help prevent this disease.

Our manifesto outlines 5 key measures to improve breast cancer prevention policy in the UK.

What is Breast Cancer UK's Manifesto calling for?

Breast Cancer UK's Manifesto, 'Prevention is better than cure', calls for tougher political action on the chemical causes of breast cancer. We want action to:

How can you help?

Some MPs may never have heard about the links between harmful chemicals and breast cancer - so please help us get our message out loud and clear.   Write to your MP, Assembly Member of MSP and ask them to support our Manifesto.  You could request a meeting with them, tell them your story and ask them what they will do to help prevent breast cancer.  

Let us know if you receive a response from them at 

Support from other organisations

Breast Cancer UK’s Manifesto is supported by the following organisations in the UK and Europe: 


If your organisation would like to sign up in support of our manifesto please email 

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