Prevention Week 12 to 18 September 2016

Breast Cancer UK is launching its first ever Prevention week in September.   Join us and help us to PREVENT breast cancer

We all know that October is breast cancer awareness month and arguably thanks to BCAM we are all now far more aware of breast cancer – its symptoms, self-checking etc.  But the truth is, we are also far more aware of breast cancer today quite simply because most of us know someone who has got it or who has had it.  1 in 8 women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives, over 53,000 women are diagnosed annually and the likelihood is that you will have had some close hand experience of this devastating disease. 

That’s why Breast Cancer UK is launching Prevention week – an annual call to action that will focus people’s attention on the need for primary prevention.  In other words, real changes that will help to prevent this awful disease.  But we need your help to make this initiative a success.

So what’s happening during Prevention week?

Kicking off with an online flash mob!

On 12 September to mark the launch of Prevention week, we will be holding an online flash mob to flood social media platforms with a shared message. 

We are using a platform called, Thunderclap, to share our message across multiple social media platforms.  

Watch as everyone’s messages are simultaneously shared around the world – making one big loud thunderclap on PREVENTION. 

Pamper for Prevention

Anyone fancy a pampering night of moisturiser, face creams and fabulousness – but without all the harmful chemicals?

You can help prevent breast cancer by hosting a Pamper for Prevention evening, pampering but without the risk, whilst at the same time helping to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer UK. Find out more.

Bluewater Prevention Awareness Day

We’re hitting the road and taking our prevention message to new audiences.  We will be at Bluewater shopping centre on Wednesday 14 September. 

We will be inviting visitors to make their own moisturiser, demonstrating how easy it is to #DitchTheJunk and reduce their exposure to the harmful synthetic chemicals contained in many cosmetics and beauty products. 

If you’re in the area come along and join in, take home some moisturiser samples or strike a pose and take a Hollywood-esque selfie at in front of our mirrored photo booth to share online!

Guest Blogs

Throughout the week we will be posting inspiring blogs from a range of opinion formers, policy makers and health campaigners including Sir Time Smit KBE (Eden Project), Sharon Hodgson MP (member of All Party Group on Breast Cancer), Kerry McCarthy MP and Janey Lee Grace (Radio 2).  Our blog can be found here.   Look out for announcements on social media!

Science fact not fiction

There is increasing scientific evidence that the environment in which we live is also a key factor in breast cancer risk. Throughtout the week we will be highlighting some the science research which shows the link between synthetic chemcials and environmental concerns to breast cancer.  You can check out our Science & Research pages here


Our aim for the week is to help people make that one change to their lifestyle that will help them to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.  We have produced a range of helpful guides full of tips and advice on how to go about making that change - these can be downloaded from our website.  Look at our Reduce Your Risk pages here

Our prevention message applies to both men and women, we can all take action for prevention and we can all help chnage the focus from treating symptons to talking about PREVENTION!

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