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A Manifesto for the Prevention of Breast Cancer

There are several policies that we would like to see the Government committ to, to help reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

It's a busy time in politics, and the issue of Brexit is soaking up a lot of attention. The Government must not forget the pressing issues of protecting public health and preventing breast cancer. As James Freeman Clarke said almost 150 years ago: ‘A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman of the next generation’.

We want all political parties and parliamentarians to think of the health of current and future generations, and show their commitment to preventing breast cancer.

You can ask your MP: "what will you do to help prevent breast cancer?" and send them a copy of our manifesto.


Breast Cancer UK want the UK Government to:

Commit to identifying and addressing the causes of disease and ill health

  • Develop an Action Plan for the Prevention of Cancer setting out new goals for education, research funding and policy interventions that help to prevent cancer developing.

  • Acknowledge in national cancer strategies that exposures to environmental chemicals are preventable risk factors.

  • Increase research funding into the role of environmental pollutants in breast cancer risk.

  • Publish a comprehensive guide for pregnant women which explains the potential risk of in utero environmental exposures and their possible effects on the unborn child.

Commit to maintaining consumer and environmental protections following Brexit

  • Apply the precautionary principle (2) to health, environmental and chemicals policy.

  • Adhere to the EU’s system of chemicals regulation “REACH” after Brexit, to ensure the continued protection of public health and the environment (3).

  • Make the protection of public health and consumer and environmental regulation a priority in future trade deals.

  • Guarantee that any changes to EU derived chemicals legislation and regulation be subject to full Parliamentary scrutiny and debate.


Find out more

You can read more about UK public health policy and breast cancer, and our parliamentary briefing on the England Cancer Strategy. You can also find out more about Brexit and public health, and read our Brexit briefing and our submission to the Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry into the future of chemicals regulation.


(1) All statistics based on Cancer Research UK ‘Breast cancer incidence (invasive) statistics’ (accessed April 2017)

(2) Under the precautionary principle, if there is evidence that a chemical is hazardous and poses a risk to human health or the environment, then action should be taken to restrict or ban its use. If a consensus develops that it does not pose a risk, then action can be taken to lift those restrictions.

(3) The UK can remain in the EU chemicals regulation system even after it leaves the EU.

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