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Do you know what could be hiding in your cosmetics?

The ever expanding number of synthetic chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products is a concern.  Certain chemicals have been linked to adverse health effects and some may be linked to breast cancer.

Modern living has led to an explosion of synthetic chemicals being used which our bodies may be subjected to on a daily basis. 

We’re saying it’s time to DITCH THE JUNK…….

We believe people can help reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by reducing their exposure to chemicals that may be harmful.

A recent study, led by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, showed that it is possible to reduce our body burden of certain potentially harmful chemicals - in as little as three days, simply by avoiding products known to contain them. 

It’s time we took a precautionary approach and our #DitchTheJunk campaign is about taking simple steps to reduce the number and quantity of synthetic chemicals we use every day to help make our bodies healthier.

Download our #DitchTheJunk guide to safer cosmetics now and use it to check there are no nasties hiding inside your cosmetics!

For advice and tips on how you can reduce your exposure to the harmful chemicals found in everyday products read our Reduce Your Risk section, where you will find useful guides you can download for free.

For the science behind breast cancer and its links to harmful chemicals, check out our Science & Research section, where you will find science based background briefings that explain the what, why and how.

To see the work we are doing to prevent breast cancer, read our Policy and Advocacy section, where you will find information on the policy changes we are campaigning for, to help prevent breast cancer before it starts.


A full list of refernces used to compile this guide can be found here.

Our full scientific briefing paper, Cosmetics and personal hygiene products can be found here.

Page last updated November 21, 2017

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