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Breast Cancer UK’s work is based on decades of scientific evidence.  We work hard to ensure that our key messages, advice, campaigns and calls to action are supported and informed by sound scientific data. 

A vast amount of scientific research exists, and is added to on a daily basis, that provides incontrovertible evidence of the role that many man-made chemicals play in human diseases, such as breast cancers. 

Chemical causes of breast cancer

Lifestyle choices and family history clearly play a part in breast cancer risk.  However, these “established causes” account for only 40% of breast cancer cases.  The cause of the other 60% is currently unknown, but there is mounting scientific evidence that increased breast cancer risk is linked to our body burden of all oestrogenic chemicals, not just those that occur naturally.  

Chemicals of concern

In our daily lives we are exposed to hundreds of man-made chemicals in our environment and every day products. Many of these chemicals have been shown to have carcinogenic or hormone disrupting properties, whilst many more have never even been fully tested for all of their health impacts.

Fact Sheets and Further Resources

On these pages you can find more information about the scientific evidence behind our concerns and more details about how these chemicals have been shown to affect the breast and have been linked with breast cancers.

To find out more about the scientific research that Breast Cancer UK funds directly, see our Grant Funding page.

To find out more about the scientists working on this issue, see our News & Media page.

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Find out more about our Grant Applications on our supporting science page

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