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Supporting science

As well as campaigning for a more preventative approach to breast cancer, Breast Cancer UK also supports scientific research into the links between carcinogenic and endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and breast cancers. 

We work with scientists that are spearheading world class research into the many risks and impacts of cancer causing and hormone disrupting chemicals. 

Helping to identify the worst chemical offenders

Whilst there is no doubt that enough scientific evidence exists on certain chemicals to warrant immediate precautionary action, there remains a need for further exploration of how and why chemicals are increasing breast cancer, as well as confirming and identifying  which chemicals are the worst offenders.  

Therefore, each year Breast Cancer UK sets aside a proportion of its income for the purposes of supporting scientific research. 

How to apply

Applications are invited from initiatives which demonstrate a contribution to Breast Cancer UK’s charitable objective to further research into the environmental and chemical causes, prevention and treatment of breast cancers.

Funding is limited to £15,000 per project and each application will be assessed individually on its own merits.

Consistent with Breast Cancer UK’s view that there should be a transition away from in vivo animal testing, we will only consider funding for research which relies on Replacement Methods (non animal methods) of testing.

Applications must adhere to our Grant Funding Submission Criteria and Terms and Conditions.  Grant Funding Submission Criteria and a Grant Application Form can be downloaded and submitted to 

The next closing date for grant funding applications is Friday September 9th 2016. Assessment of applications is normally completed within three months of the submission deadline.

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